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gained 56 points, nasdaq advanced .2%. economists don't provide the value added we need to invest in the stock market. they've got other purposes but keep trying to be in our territory. by this time, you know most of the commentary we hear and read comes from those with economics, they sift data and reach conclusions about the overall stock market's direction from the data. they come into our zone. they see japan devaluing its currency to make a negative judgment about our exporters. they see europe teetering on the brink and they draw conclusions about our financials. they see payroll taxes increase and gasoline go higher and decide we as a nation aren't spending and the consumers are getting crushed. they think the s&p 500, well, katie bar the door, right? >> the house of pain. >> they always try to relate their big picture view to stocks, to our territory, in order to reach conclusions that are allegedly helpful to you at home. given how wrong they are, though, i think it's time they ask why the heck they're even allowed to reach these stock market conclusions without being bro
,812. the nasdaq has been the strongest of the major averages since this rally began on friday morning after that jobs report came out. the nasdaq up 4% since that low on friday. it's up 1.76% right now, with a gain of 56 points. the s&p, no small shakes either. a gain of 1.2% or 18 points at 1,586. so what is happening with this market and why? even as the fed hints at tapering down its stimulus in the near future, maybe as early as this summer, bob pisani in the middle of the action at the new york stock exchange with what's going on. robert? >> i want to show you what's happening on a two-day of the s&p 500, bill. put that up and you'll see a big gap right at the open, about five points on the s&p. that's kind of rare. you see that move right to the upside. that's because even though there may be people hinting at stopping the purchases, most of the traders look at those fmoc minutes and they concluded that the weak jobs report we saw last friday doesn't give them a lot of confidence in the sustainability of an improvement in the labor market and they made it clear, they need to see susta
. >> the markets are really taking it on a chin. take a look at the nasdaq really getting beaten up. just above 400 bucks a share. before we dive into that, let's get right to amonday jabbers on capital hill. >> they have given the all clear from the suspicious package incident incidents. they have that office and that hall way closed down for a little while. they had that area closed off and gave an alert to staffers not to go there. a granular substance that tested positive for rice and also down at the white house they have confirmed that they received a letter at the white house mail processing facilities. >> there was a letter sent to addressed to the president that at a off site mail facility. it was noted to have contained a suspicious substance and tests were undertaken. the fbi has a lead in that investigation, of course. and has said in its statement that they will be conducting further tests to determine what the nature of the substance is. >> the guys tell me they are still looking into these incidents here. they have given the all clear for staffers to move around and conduct normal bu
territory, obviously. and nasdaq at composite up 14 points, half a percent there. it has certainly come off the best levels of the afternoon, at 3253. check the s&p 500 with gain of nearly seven points. it too off of the best levels. we're still seeing a gain of a half a percent. >> so equities continue higher. we are keeping an eye on yet another market smimilestone. the s&p needs to be up 7.02 to close at an all-time high. we're not up into that intraday high that we're all obsessing over suddenly. we were there earlier, we're not there now. but let's talk about all of this in today's "closing bell" exchange. michael santoli from yahoo! finance, carol roth, rob lutz from cap and money management, and our own rick santelli. welcome to everybody. michael, you and i just had a very long conversation where we solved the problems of the world before we came on the air. you're starting to rethink the pullback scenario for this market? >> i wouldn't say rethink, but i think the reasons we haven't had it remain in tact. the defense gets and the market as a whole doesn't go down. you see today a l
. the market is mixed. nasdaq under selling pressure, down seven points there, a quarter of a percent lower. and this is basically the best of the day. s&p 500, also weaker. very much flat on the day, back and forth, but we're negative right here on the standard & poor's. have been, actually, all day. bob pisani, let's talk stocks here. what's driving this market? >> the important thing is, even though we're side waist in the major indices, sectors are moving. airlines, finally, good heavens, thank heavens, congress passed a bill that willç keep the faa a traffic controllers working. yes, you can see the stock's on the upside. delta u.s. air has had great earnings overall. but there's been a lot of problems. you guys know the issues with revenues have been terrible so far this quarter. it's a major issue. look at goodyear tire. they beat on the bottom line, revenues were light, and again europe has been a mess for them and this is one of the main reasons companies are coming in light on revenues. the european side of things aren't working very well. speaking of the light revenues, perk an
points 14,614 we are off the lows but not by much. look at the nasdaq down with a 2% earlier is now down one point* nine 6% some of the biggest losers of the day on a broader stock perspective is material and mining. freeport-mcmoran and others trading sharply to the down side and that sentiment especially with the nasdaq the most recognizable name around the globe the biggest one day loss in two years you knew i would say apple this is under immense pressure. the stock is down more than $24 that is a loss for more than 5% we will talk more about that coming up. a lot of stories trending today standing by at the nymex and see meager and we have nicole petallides on the floor at new york stock exchange in a moment of first let's go to our traders on the floor of the new york stock exchange was so many multinational companies coming in with earnings and this seems to be changing the tide of the market to the down side. >> this is a downtrend to begin with with the consolidation we have been waiting for and we want to point* fingers whether china or earnings we have the ability to do t
zimmerman discuss art of walk out shots is will meted a to his med nasdaq? the answer is up next. they have passing pain fun choose their walk out songs. it is music that thousands fans hear walk from on deck circle into batters box but just how much goes no? let's walk ryan zimmerman. >> walk out with ryan zimmerman. first all get pick three songs what are your walk out songs. i have imagine dragon radioactive. and ti i have for while. i keep that one just to keep consistent. makes good walk out song. >> some times does like certain music that's you mean catchy shopping. but, it is one of those things where outkind of if you like something you go for if sound good you get some >> more for you or do you do please the crowd? is tg get controlled involved. i think kind of different with everybody. bit think, you know, i get best thing if foss a little bit for both crowd and the hid ter. >> tough figure out good walk out song it is lot pressure. is there message in there that work for you when get up there? >> absolutely not. >> pipeline just you no whatever and i get help from continued and p
-digit move. nasdaq up 3.5 points, yesterday nasdaq was the best performer. let's get a check on what's sending the s&p to new heights. >> just off the highs, two to one advancing to declining stocks. it's been basically straight up since bottom, that was friday, just after the open, after that lousy jobs report. broad advances. what do i mean by that? look at the sectors. when you get material stocks advancing as much as consumer discretionary, consumer staples and health care, everything moving up, that's a broad market advance. people ask me, what do i mean when i say the market's going pa parabollic. we're up another 20 points. this is a very dangerous time, but also a time of great opportunity. we don't how long this is going to go on. but you could make some very fast money very quickly right now. how about some sectors? take a look at the retailers. march same-store sales came out. here is the good news. the bad news is, fairly small increases in sales. and maria, this is not a lot of companies reporting anymore. only 14 out of 120 publicly traded companies report on a monthly
the tech heavy nasdaq version mark down over 2%. you had earnings and both bank of america and intel are to the downside. some cases, seven week lows for the european stocks. back to you. connell: thank you, nicole. dagen: learning a second letter containing a powdered substance thought to be ricin was also sent to president obama. connell: we do not know yet. rich edson has the story. rich: two letters, one sent to a senator, one sent to president obama. intercepted at a secondary facility. both containing a white powdery substance. the one sent to the senator preliminary tested positive for ricin. the one sent to president obama is also being tested right now. those who handled these letters are not showing any symptoms right now of being affected with some type of poison. this is from the wording that is in this fbi bulletin, both are postmarked out of memphis, tennessee. enclosed letters contain identical verbiage that include the phrase to see a wrong and unexposed it is to become a silent partner to its continuance. >> they prove that our proactive measures we put in place do i
to a year. >>> i'm scott budman on a day when the nasdaq is at the highest level since boom. what it means for local companies, housing values and jobs. >>> and if you use siri she might be getting bumped aside. see what else is coming to your smart phone. >>> i'm jeff ranieri in the weather center. temperatures soaring today some ten to 20 degrees above where we should be. 96 in gilroy. increasing wind has prompted a red flag fire warning. i'll have details on where we expect the worst wind coming up. look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qu
to be heading up. nicole: everybody remembers the year 2000 when the nasdaq was at 5000. while the dow and s&p are breaking to the new record intraday highs, the nasdaq breaking a multi-year high as well. take a look at what is going on with some of these tech stocks. doing so well, being among the best performers on the dow jones industrials in percentage terms. ibm got positive comments from ubf putting a buy rating on that, so they are real winners today and over this year for example intel of about 8%, microsoft up about 13%. liz: some breaking news involving aig and the former leader of this company. a judge has approved the settlement with hank greenberg. others are involved in this but investors had accused greenberg and other executives of making misleading statements, greenberg left aig in 2005 amid probes into the insurer's accounting, then of course it was 2007 when the market blew up and aig had all kinds of problems that we can pull up the stock and see aig is up about 8% today. the earlier high was 40-40. half of the session for the moment when it comes to aig. but the annual h
it in april. nasdaq coming up big-time. technology stocks as we mentioned having a good day. microsoft, ibm, all are doing well. all the tech stocks are doing well. in fact it is the largest sector gain of all the four indexes. russell 2,000, about a 4% gain on the russell 2000. on small and mid-sized stocks. gold continuing its climb, rallying another $13.80. to settle in at $1467 an ounce. analyst attributing the metal's strength expectations at federal reserve and european central bank will keep right on printing their currencies to fuel investment the fed begins its two-day meeting tomorrow. crude oil is moving to the upside to close at $94.50 a barrel. this was the highest settle since april 10th. "after the bell" starts right now. hang in there. david: let's get to today's action. we're holding onto a triple-digit gain from the dow. david kudlow, tells us why it is time to buy japan. that is david on the right. mark travis, intrepid capital management president says investors need to be a little more cautious. we have kind of a bear-bull split here. mark sebastian is in the pits of th
it returns to service to re-assure the public that it is safe. nasdaq buying espeed, $750 million the price, the seller egc partners can receive up to $1.23 billion and that depends on how it performs and the nasdaq has been trying to expand into non-stock areas into trading volumes that keep going down. we'll talk with ecg's chief executive howard lutnick exclusively in the next hour. >>> we'll take you inside the calls coming up any also ahead, betting on out. a look at the bullish case for casino stocks. which one is best for your portfolio? futureures are looking pretty good here on a tuesday after dropping a tad on the first day of the quarter yesterday. a lot more "squawk on the street" live at the nyse when we return. everyone's retirement dream is different; how we get there is not. we're americans. we work. we plan. ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. to help you retire your way, with confidence. ♪ that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. let's get to work. ameriprise financial. more within reach. >>> health ins
time record high intradays here. the dow at -- the nasdaq at a multiyear high. the nasdaq up 1%, not quitting, traded as high as 14825. we got the fed minutes. obviously, that was a big deal showing the fed is ready to continue money printing and bond buying helping to keep markets alive. that's been supporting this market, also, look here at tech joints doing well. as we said, the tech -- nasdaq up 1.8% and ibm shares on the rise, ubs raised ibm to a buy, cisco, ibm, hp, microsoft doing so well, and there they are for you. a lot of up arrows. melissa: great day for making money. nicole, thank you so much. lori: politics in play today. president obama up vails his budget taking aim at spending as well as retirement accounts. itch -- rich edson on capitol hill for us. >> democrats applauded the president's budget, and republicans, as you imagine, say it's a tax and spend liberal document. look at the proposes here, specially focuses on the rich implementing the buffet rule. we've seen this, 30% effective tax rate on homes with incomes of $1 million or more. private equity and ve
a fraction on the dow industrials, down about six points. nasdaq composite and s&p performing worse. nasdaq down nearly 1%. standard & poors index giving out seven points, one-half of 1%. first day of the second quarter in the books. how should you portfolio be positioned this time around? back with me is michael yoshikami. mark lehman. gentlemen, good to see you. thank you very much for joining us. mike, we kick it off with you. you want to be taking profits here. you don't believe we could actually have a repeat of the phenomenal performance we saw in the first quarter. >> i don't believe that's going to happen. here's the key, maria. we talked about all these stocks. stocks are up. stocks are down. bottom line is most people that are watching today have portfolios. so you have to make judgments about your portfolio. and when you have profit in your portfolio, what you do is you take that profit. you don't just watch it go up and watch it go down. there's plenty of people that bought a stock at 100, went to 150, now it's at 70. they still don't sell. you have to take profit. >> some peopl
stock exchange and uptown at the nasdaq. maria, have a great rest of the day, a good second hour of the "closing bell," i'll see you soon. >>> and it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange, coming to you from post nine. this market headed into uncharted territory yet again. both the dow and s&p 500 closing at fresh all-time highs. take a look, it gained 62 points on the session. and ended almost one-half of 1% for the dow. nasdaq, up three points. technology, somewhat of a laggard today after being a huge leader yesterday. but look at where the nasdaq is. 3300. s&p, all-time high of 1593.25, up 5.5 points on the session. let's get right into the market action right now, looking at this market ahead of the big stream of earnings we're going to get tomorrow and into next week. ben pace from deutsche bank management is with me. greg ip, cnbc contributor from the economist. and our own rick santelli. good to see everybody. thanks for joining us. ben pac
-time high. we're not there. we are there -- let's see. for the nasdaq it's a 12-year high. got to keep all these records straight here. the nasdaq any second now we'll show you the nasdaq, i think. there we go. up 33 points at 3312. a 12-year high. you can see sideways action for the last couple hours. there's the s&p. 1595 is right about at t all time high, previous all time high. we're waiting to see if we can reach the previous intraday high at 1597. so many things to keep an eye on today. in today's closing bell exchange as we talk about all of this, anthony chan from chase wealth management and dani hughes from divine capital joining me here. jim lacamp from ubs is out there somewhere. so is our rick santelli. anthony chan we noticed a trend in earnings to this point. revenue is a big problem for a lot of companies right now, isn't it? revenue growth? >> it is a problem. whenever you see that 45% of the companies are beating but the historical average is 50, it's a problem. on the earnings they're a lot better. the revenues are short. here's the issue. the issue is we're seeing perhap
if we were to close positive. just an incredible run for that market. the nasdaq, also higher, powered higher by apple, which was up 3% today. it's up 17 points right now, the nasdaq composite is, and the s&p is trading higher as well. and any positive close for the s&p will be another new all-time high. we squeaked one out yesterday, so any green arrow there is a new all-time high. so what's driving this market, as we head into the final hour of the trading month of april? bob pisani is in the middle of the action for us right now. robert? >> william, meandering a little bit on the stock market, but two big stories is. apple and pitney bose. apple bit it, $17 billion, the biggest corporate bond offering ever. roche holdings was number two, used to be number one, but there are the others involved. it's the biggest out there. what's it mean for corporate bonds? a lot more allocation out to the tech sector. bottom line for apple, up six of the last seven days. it bottomed way back, april 18th. $389, now $443. take a look at one sector or one etf that might be buying this. that's the bigg
of the day, and ended just a fraction of a point lower. the nasdaq off 5 and the s&p down 4 points. still those averages were up for the week by 2%. gold prices went down 4% to $1500 an ounce, down $63 to the lowest level since july 2011. >>> well, despite the discouraging reports on retail spending, terry lund gren, the ceo of macy's said that his stores customers are still opening the wallet. even though the payroll tax increase has forced other consumers to pull back. >> our customer base is continuing to buy when the product is right. when the value is there. and when it makes sense on a price/value relationship. we continue to be confident at least in our case that the consumer is still in a buying he mode. >> our courtney reagan keeps tabs on the buys habits of consumers, she is at the state supreme court house in washington. she has been -- courtney we will get to the trial in a moment, first, it's to get your take on what terry lund gren said, do you think that couple econsume think that couple e consumers a buying mode? >> i think it depends on the consumer and the store. it's no
-- the nasdaq down just 5 points and the s&p down 4. the major movers were gold down 78 dollars and oil dropping below $91 dollars. the courts are giving jcp the temporary right to sell martha stewart products. and a currency culture clash.. the u.s. treasury is warning japan to not weaken its currency on purpose. the department also stopped short of calling china a currency manipulator. we are off to the races this monday morning with tony harris. he's with performance trust investment advisors. he's a bond trader and its great to have you on the show this morning. > > good morning angie. > > what can we look forward to in the week ahead. what's the bond market telling us? > > last friday the bond market was reacting to a very soft retail sales number. retail sales were down 0.4% month over month and even more interestingly year over year they were only up 2.8%. that's as slow as we've seen it since november of 2009. so that's a very bad thing for the u.s. domestic market. and bonds rallied significantly. they were down about basis points and yield to about 172. that's about where we were last
? >> both the dow and the nasdaq were already in negative down by someless than expected news by china. news of the explosion just weighed down sentiment even more. the dow jones closed at 14,999. that's down 1.8% and nasdaq fell 78 points. 3,216. for more on how stocks here are trading let's go to ramin. he's at the tokyo stock exchange. tokyo traders waking up to some unfortunate news this morning. how is the markets over there looking? >> a lot of focus on the explosions in boston and u.s. markets did take a tumbles. concerns about the global economic outlook as well. let's go straight to the opening levels for tokyo for the nikkei and the topix for april 16th, this tuesday. both indexes in the negative following on from the u.s. markets. 13,054 for the nikkei. topix down just under 2%. we saw a sharp decline on monday following the worst than expected gdp data out of china. it's caused investors to shift funds back into what they consider safer assets. one of them being the yen. we have seen some fluctuations in the u.s. financial markets keeping a very close eye on gold. the price of go
grocery chain, opened for trade on the nasdaq yesterday. even as the nasdaq dropped 60 points, the fairway ipo popped 33%. fairway shares priced in at $13 and closed at $17.35. the company is raising money to open new stores in new york, new jersey and connecticut. in our cover story, abbott labs did very well in the first quarter, much of it due to the pharmaceutical company's work in emerging markets. but, the portion of abbott that split off, called "abbvie" - not so well. layoffs are coming. first of all, there are now two abbotts. the company split in january. abbott labs, which sells nutritional brands, diagnostic products and stents for heart patients, and abbvie, which is mostly pharmaceuticals such as anti-inflamatory drug humira. the first one, abbott labs, did well in the first quarter - more than $2 billion in sales came from emerging markets. "for abbott, its future is in emerging markets. 41% of its first-quarter sales came from emerging markets, and we see that continuing." china, which is enacting its own health care reforms, is seeing nutrition and diagnosis of medical con
to throw in the nasdaq hitting all-time highs, i'm sorry, highest levels since 2000 for nasdaq. i was stuck thinking about the s&p 500 which came within fractional levels of hitting the all-time intraday high. see if by the end of the day it may just do that. thanks so much. >> thanks. lori: the flash crash caused last week, sec is wrapping up a meeting to try to assess the implications of twitter to distribute public nfrlgs. bart chilton is the cftc commissioner. he joins us from washington, d.c.. >> good to be with you. lori: just to clarify the meeting is going on ail day today? >> it is, it is. i stepped away for you guys. i'm headed back there. lori: i want to get that clear. i read your opening remarks. you call for better regulation of so-called cheetah traders. i don't believe we ought to make the cats extinct we need the regulatory tools in when they gopher ral. should be done. >> they're not required to be registered f if we have to check their books and records, we have to get a subpoena from the judge and meantime they may be headed for the paper shreader. it is pretty pedestria
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good evening. i'm n for lou dobbs. the s&p and nasdaq suffering the worst week of the year after the recovery and the roadblock. hiring rose sharply with the economy addin only 88,000 jobs, well below annual estimates of 200,000. the worst job creation since june of last year. the unemployment rate fell from 77 to 76. don't get excited that is only because 496,000 americans dropped out of the work force last month. deliver participation rate fell from 63 and and a half to 63. the lowest level since 1979 when jimmy carter was president. even president obama's former economic adviser saying, this i a punch to the gatt. stocks plunged as a result. although they ended up recovering more than half there earlier losses, the dow did end the session off 41 points. the s&p finished down seven and the nasdaq down 21. analysts saying the cell in may and go away strategy is starting, just a little early. we will be talking about the jobs report and market direction , the senior u.s. economist with deutsche bank securities. also, north korea telling foreign embassy staff to consider leaving a
a decline. so in a percentage basis, the nasdaq has the biggest loss so far. can the q1 rally continue? good to see you, as always. we have mixed market out this morning and mixed data. to see the market pull out a little bit should not be a concern to anybody and people should welcome it. the dough is down fractionally. >> and some of the asian markets are still close. >> what about north korea? is that a distraction or a legitimate concern? >> it's more of a distraction. it's more of a noise. it will be background nois. then,en in, all bets are off. but for the most part i think it's just noise. he wants to stamp his feet and be hert herd. >> down here they are certainly paying attention. >> if we're going to keep this rally in tact, what will they be watching? >> right? and both of those numbers are calling for plus 2,000,000. >> and no revisions with the unemployment number. >> very quickly. all of last week, all we heard was earnings are not going to be as good in this quarter. is that already in this market do you think? >> you know what? i'm not so sure. we just rallied rallied ralli
the nasdaq and s&p are showing positive numbers. stocks finished higher yesterday rebounding from one of the worst weeks of the year. here are the final numbers. the dow gained 48 points to close at 14,613. the nasdaq rose 18 points. the s&p 500 rose nine points. >> police have arrested two people in connection with a fatal shooting last weekend gilroy. investigators are still looking for one other person in the shooting that happened on chestnut street last week. police arrested 21 year-old jose morales cotrtex and a 17 year-old boy whose name has not been released. they're are continuing to search for 21 year-old juan guerra is considered armed and dangerous. the three allegedly shot and killed a 30 year-old and jesse emmael silos and injured another person. >> south san francisco police are on the lookout for two men who stabbed a man in front of his wife sunday early morning. the victim was standing outside his home talking to his wife on randolph avenue near spruce ave. two men approached a couple and shouted a gang of slurs. the victim confronted the two suspects, a fight broke
high it reached last weekend the nasdaq up 16 points. stocks getting all live from a promising start to earnings season. now only 25 of the companies have reported so far in the vast majority have topped the targets. we are off to a good story even with a small sampling. even today the rally is a paper gain of 1.8 trillion dollars for the wilshire trillion index we will talk to the president of seaports securities and get ready for fireworks on capitol hill harry reid today announced he is holding a showdown on thursday on the efforts to roll back the second amendment and we will have a live report to talk to the congressman about the prospects of gun-control, so-called immigration reform and the president's budget. also mounting speculation that north korea could carry out a nuclear test or missile launch at any moment , fox news military analyst joins us on the worsening rhetoric and what action, if any the united states should take to make sure the conflict remains rhetorical. we have a busy day on capitol hill following the two week easter recess. battle lines forming over immigr
that was a year ago and it just won't go away. nasdaq's ceo will take a $500,000 pay cut over his handling of the facebook ipo. cnbc's live in london with more. good morning. happy friday to you, jeff. >> yes, and to you as well. and good morning, everybody. so it's quite a haircut for bob, the ceo of nasdaq, over this bungled facebook ipo. but having said that, the gentleman still walks away with $1.3 million for 2012 in the bonus package. so i don't think we should be too upset for him. there are a lot of people, though, who are still unhappy with the settlement. $62 million is how much nasdaq are going to pay out to settle some of these disputed trades. those who are in dispute were looking for something more like $500 million. and one other story related to facebook. you know the winklevoss brothers, the 6'5" giants who were early stage investors? well, they now appear to be owners of 1% of bitcoin. bitcoin, of course, has had its own issues of late. one platform suspending trading for over ten hours here as we saw the value of this online units fall from about $260 down to about $120
at the nasdaq. seema? >> suzy, a big day for tech. microsoft first. a lot of concern around weakness and personal computer sales ahead of its earning report, but the numbers are out, and it beat the street by 4 cents on its bottom line. ceo steve baumer said the bold bets we made on cloud services are paying off. they also announced f.o. peter klein will be leaving the company at the end of the year. it will name its new cfo in the next several weeks. let's also look at google. shares are up after hours. the internet giant reporting an eps of $11.58 versus a street estimate of $10.66. however, its quarterly revenue of $13.97 billion came in slightly shy of the $14.09 biion expected by the street. and lastly, big blue ibm, the diversified tech player that is many times seen as a good barometer of what to expect from the broader technology space missed street expectations on its top and bottom line due to a decline in hardware and services sales. its first quarter eps came in at $3 a share versus a $3.05 estimate. the investment group says looking back over the last ten years, ibm's on
. seema modi reporting from the nasdaq. let's turn now to john buckingham. he's been buying apple for his clients and he's chief investment officer at asset management. so, john, is this what you expected in terms of earnings and the dividend and the stock buyback from apple tonight? >> well, it was certainly a news-filled afternoon from apple. the stock buyback was frankly, more than we might have envisioned so we're very appreciative of that. apple has a gigantic cash hoard. over $150 a share in cash and we really are happy that they're putting that to work especially when you can buy the stock here at these very inexpensive valuations. >> we are trading at less than ten times earnings for one of america's greatest corporations and yes, i know that earnings were a little disappointing in terms of the guidance here for the next quarter, but this is a fantastic company with tremendous products and a huge, installed base of rabid customers. yes, they're going through a little bit of a product lull here now as we wait for the next big thing, and of course, that's what's on everybody's mind
13%. the nasdaq up 28, setting a 52 week high. the nasdaq is up 9.5% of the year. the 5000 at 125 billion. and a gain of $2.1 billion. back on march 9, 2009, our guest tonight is talking about what appears to be the administration's losing war on fossil fuel and tracking. and the epa in their effort to crush keystone pipeline. standard & poor's strategist alan young joins us on the record-setting performance on wall street. kt mcfarland and john bolton on what appears to be a break in the administration stonewalled on benghazi. congressman dave camp once the hypocrisy in washington to stop at least on one issue, that is of course obamacare. the chairman of the house ways and means committee, introducing a bill that would prevent federal officials and congress from exempting themselves from provisions in obamacare. a spokesman said the obamacare exchanges are good enough for the hard-working americans and small business, then they should be good enough for the president and vice president in congress and federal employees. this comes in response to what legislatolegislato rs are se
stocks and the nasdaq both ended 21 points higher. the s&p 500 added four to close at yet another record. and looking at the market's scorecard so far for 2013, the dow has soared 13%. the s&p is up 12%. and the nasdaq is higher by 10%. >>> apple wowed investors today, and not because it unveiled a new ipad or an iphone. it is launching a massive corporate bond deal. $17 billion. that is the biggest non-bank corporate bond issue ever and apple's first debt offering in years. why are they doing it? >> tyler, the capital way apple's bonds will be used to fund the company's enhanced dividend and payout plan, which of course was announced last week. my reporting shows that apple's bond sale closed at $17 billion, the largest ever for a nonfinancial firm. it looks like apple's ten-year fixed rate bond, which is really what investors are focused on will have a yield of 2.4%. this will be below its stock dividend yield of 2.8%, but higher than the yield of some of its peers in the technogy spac including google, microsoft, and ibm. keep in mind these numbers are subject to change. just stepping
reasons. what it called at the time a software bug. that prompted a halt in apple shares. nasdaq at the heart of a glitch. the exchange system of matching buys and sells had not modelled for the extreme volume of that deal and it failed. during a routine software upgrade. an old code, the new system unleashed orders for stock that left knight on the hook for a massive unwanted trading position. >> we can be victimized. sue, back down to you. >> all right. a survey just out. almost a quarter of central bankers said they owned corporate stocks or are planning to buy equity shares. yet, none the less, the market is he is a cnbc contributor and director. you would think that given what we have just laid out that the market would be under a little more pressure. >> you would. but this geo political stuff will hit us later today. and then we will get some activity from that. the market continues to just fascinate me in the fact that it doesn't want to back off. and the article today that you're referring to today, in the u.s., the fed does not have the mandate to buy individual stocks.
's get to the nasdaq. if it closes higher today, it will be the longest winning streak since late november. things looking a lot stronger for the nasdaq. will they support the gains? only time will tell, nicole. we are waiting on amazon and starbucks. what else? nicole: this is a big deal. we want to focus on amazon. it is coming out after the bell. we will get it out there. it is up about 2% at the moment. coming out with their quarterly report. it is a winner this year. up over 9%. what will they say about the television? they are supposed to be unveiling a television that will stream video. this will be the next thing for amazon. we will see whether or not they say something about exactly that. the stock is up 9% this year and hit an all-time high in january. they are not too far off. back to you. liz: are you amazon tribe? nicole: my husband belongs to amazon prime. let's get to these delays at major airports. the faa is apparently attempting to reduce the number of layoffs. nearly 1000 flights took off late yesterday. i mean late, they were late. they came in after the time t
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